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horse racing around Dublin

Irish National Stud

Take a tour around the Stud Farm and see where some of the most successful race horses have been studded and trained.


The Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Gardens are renowned throughout the world and are finest gardens in Europe. The Gardens were devised by Colonel William Hall Walker and were completed between 1906 and 1910. Master horticulturalist Tassa Eida managed the gardens until 1912 and it wasn’t for another 34 that the gardens got a new keeper. Patrick Doyle then managed the gardens until 1972 with gardens continuing to flourish and gain popularity. Since they were created over 100 years ago, they never fail to please.

St. Fiachra’s Garden

Fiachra’s Garden was created in 1999 and designed by Professor Martin Halligan and offer a different experience to the Japanese Gardens. With the natural beauty of the woodland, wetland, waterfalls, lakes and streams, this garden plays tribute to the Irish landscape in its rawest state.

The Living Legends

The stud has several racing superstars residing there including; Beef Or Salmon, Hardy Eustace, Hurricane Fly, Kicking King, Moscow Flyer and Rite Of Passage. While enjoying time at the stud you can visit these fantastic horses in their paddocks.

The Horse Museum
The Horse Museum at the national stud pays tribute to not only the horses in Ireland but also the greatest and most famous Irish horses. Arkel’s skeleton is one of the main attractions in the horse museum; his history is second to none and is an icon in the racing world.

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